Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our New Addition

I have been driving Joe nuts for about a month, that's an understatement. Every night I ask him, wouldn't you use a stationary bike or a treadmill. He always just gives me this funny look. So I decided President's day would be the best time to convince him "we" really need one. I usually am a very informed shopper, however once there was a $25.o0 off coupon in the newspaper I dove in. I didn't know anything about which treadmill to buy!

We went to Costco, after walking out with $70.00 of food (Costco: the place where it is almost extremly impossible to walk in and out of without spending money) we discovered they only had a clunky $400 dollar nordictrack bike to offer. While it was extremly nice, I had no idea where we could even fit that thing into our cinder block aparmtment, maybe down the hall? I was a bit discourged. Then we traveled back to Sports Authority. No offense, but the associates there could not tell you the difference between treadmills if their lives depended on it. So after about an hour of running and jumping, and convincing Joe this would really benefit "us." We walked out with a brand new Pro Form, Space Saver Treadmill.

The Good News: I have an extremly handy husband who with the help of his super smart read the directions wife, installed it! Runs great, and if you ever want to hear three different, fun treadmill workouts let me know!

The Bad News: Running in a cinder block apartment, make sure that all your pictures are securely attached to the wall. And for heaven sakes don't do it after 10 p.m. you might get the cops called on you. (The Joys of the Student Village Apartments).

The Discovery: Stationary Bikes are super expensive even more expensive than our treadmill! At least on President's day weekend and soon it will be warm enough to ride our roadbikes outside I am counting down the days!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My First Entry

I started reading numerous other blogs of my friends and family and decided Joe and I needed a Blog! Of course Joe refuses to use anything such as facebook or myspace so blogging is not up his alley either. So all your left with are blogs from me!

This week we have been living at the Cheney household. What an adventure and what fun! I really am so thankful that I married into such a big family because growing up I never had a sister, an older brother, someone close to my age and simply by marriage I was able to receive all of the above!

Below is a picture of our latest adventure, our cruise to the Mexican Riveria. Daddy and Mama Cheney put together such a wonderful trip! Thanks so much!