Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our New Addition

Say hello to Daisy! After much begging and pleading with my Husband he FINALLY agreed I could get a cat. On President's Day after work I went with my Mom to the Humane Society. I looked through all the cages not really seeing any cats that caught my eye. I wanted a orange tabby because this is the breed all my other cats have been. Joe wanted a kitty just like Daisy. I looked again through all the cages and with a sad face told my mom, "I can't believe I'm not seeing one." I started to walk back to my car when the Lady at the Humane Society told me to look in the bottom cages, "these cats are the first to be put to sleep." Great I thought did I have sucker written on my forehead?

Then I saw her peering through the cage. I picked her up and she nuzzled me. She immediately started purring. It was a match made in Heaven, sort of. I didn't want a dark kitty I wanted an orange one and not to mention I especially did not want a girl cat! But within five minutes I knew I had to take her home. Okay, "She's the one Mom, let's go." My mom looking a little surprised carried her to the counter.

She has been the best far. Okay so she's had her moments. For instance she is SPOILED beyond belief. She sleeps under the sheets on Joe's side. Don't mess with her space next to Joe or she will claw you in the legs, true story! She has a knack for knocking anything over that is upright and she is an attention hog. Her favorite things to knock over are cups of water, flowers, her water bowl anything upright will not be for long. And surprisingly I thought I was buying a cat for myself, nope she's Joe's 100%. Daddy's little girl. He took her over and she loves it!

He cuddles with her more than he does with me! He is always holding her while doing homework and playing with her constantly. She is such a great addition to our house. We call her our Clearance Kitty she was only $15.00 wow! I can't believe how lonely I would be without her she's great. Not to mention isn't she cute?