Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ty at a year and a half

My not so little baby is now a year and a half.  I can't believe how fast the time has gone, it seems like yesterday I was up with you every few hours.

Here are some of my favorite things about you:

1.  You love your dog.  When you wake up in the morning you ask "Black deease."  No mommy, no daddy its just the dog.  You love to jump, lay on him drive your cars all over him.  One time I loaded you up in the car the only way you would stop yelling "Blacks deese deese" was when I put him in the back of the car.  Your dog is super protective of you.  He will growl when anyone gets closer to you then he likes (if he doesn't know them).  On a side note you do love your cat as well, however she only comes out for Dad and is still too fast for you to catch.

2.  You love cars.  Big, small does not matter.  If it has wheels you could not be happier.  Right now your favorite is an orange truck which you cart around the house.  You run your cars down your race track and all over the house.  You know a car says "vroom, vroom, and beep beep."  You often request Mommy to make these sound effects when we are driving. You love Nascar (I know your grandpa is so proud) and Daddy has promised to take you to Monster trucks.

3.  You love your Uncles.  Now don't get me wrong you think your Aunts are pretty cool too, but your Uncles throw you up in the air, wrestle with you and of course play cars with you.  You get so excited when you see them.

4.  Your favorite foods include: chex and pub mix (don't ask me why you love this salty yucky treat but you do).  We buy it by the case at Costco and whenever you see it in the cupboard you do a little dance for it!  You like strawberries and almost any cereal.  I can't forget your newest word, "Meat" to which you LOVE, especially beef jerky, pork and hamburger. 

5.  Your most common words include, "out" (for outside), up, deese (when you say please you think you can get anything you want and if we don't give it to you fast enough you repeat it over and over...deese, deese, deese).  You can say other words including: water, milk, off, ball, basket, duck, dog, ball, whoah, hi, I love you, Ab, blue, foot, eye, teeth, hair. We are working on Thank You, but I guess you'll decide when you are ready to say it.  You had it at 11 months but decided to abandon it because apparently deese works for everything.  You also say todos (you learned this one from Handy Manny).

6.  You love the water.  Whenever we go running on the parkway you point to that high river the entire time and say water, duck, water.  You swim in the bathtub, you could stay in there for hours if we let you.  You are taking swimming lessons this Summer.

7.  You love to read books.  Your favorites include "Handy Manny School for Tools" and "Go Dog Go."  These are your absolute favorites and we read them over and over. 

8.  Sometimes you are too smart for your own good.  If we had something on the table you wanted you would just climb up on the chairs to get onto the table.  You know how to stop the water in the tub from draining out and you know how to get whatever you want from your Daddy (what a sucker, ok its your mommy too)!

9.  You are my little running buddy.  We make a compromise for 5 miles in your jogging stroller you can watch half an hour of Mickey Mouse.  You love answering Mickey's Questions!

Mickey: Do you see any hats we can where for our party?
Tymon: "nu uh" "nu uh"

10.  You love Candy.  You aquired this love from your Grammy who loves chocolate.  Your favorite includes any type of sucker, M&M's or Jelly Beans.  If someone is eating Candy you are their best friend.  You have never really loved fruit besides strawberries but you do love veggies which makes your mommy proud.  Your favorites are brocolli, carrots and corn.

11.  If its on Disney Channel you love it.  You also love to watch Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Cars. Sometimes mommy loves disney channel.  It helps you calm down and eat your lunch. :)

12.  You love the Zoo.  You get so excited when we pull up.  You love looking at the monkeys and the elephants.  You love to go on the train , you sit all by yourself and clap.  You like the Merry-Go-Round as well just not as much as the train.  You don't like it when we exit the zoo and get in the car this makes you quite upset.

13.  You have all your teeth but two.  Please come in fast teeth.  You love your teeth brushed (apparently we have a really good flavor of toothpaste).  You have the routine down when we ask you to say ahhh you open right up.

14.  You would play outside all day if we let you.  You don't care if its snowing outside you want to be out there discovering the world.  I have a feeling we will be outside a lot this summer probably in the backyard, while you play, mom will be weeding, and weeding some more.  Fun ;) not!

15.  You are the love of our lives.  We love you and we wouldn't trade you for the world.  You love your mommy and daddy and we think the world of you.  Happy Year and a Half Ty Ty Ty.