Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hawaii Day 1 and Day 2

Our Hawaii trip started at 4:00 a.m.  We had to board our plane early that morning.  Ty was not too sure why we would wake him up so early.  But he was excited to get on the airplane.  I did not tell him we were going to the airport because I knew he would just keep asking and asking.  When we got there he was so excited.

 After getting our rental car and making a quick stop at Wal-Mart (its tradition) we jumped into our swimming suits for the first plunge of our trip.  The pirate ship was an instant hit on day one, but once Ty realized he could swim in the big pool, the pirate ship was not for "big boys." "I a big boy mom, I go in the pool."
 Getting out of the pool was always hard for him.  I had to tell him it was closing and he would reply, "The sun come out tomorrow." 
When Grandma and Grandpa got there we made a stop at McDonalds.  Ty was so excited about his ice cream.  Of course in Utah you can't drive around in your diaper and eat ice cream in January.  Ty later named Grandpa, "Papa Shark."  I thought this was a pretty appropriate nickname to receive in Hawaii.  Papa Shark came about for two reasons.  The first, was Grandpa often wore a blue shirt with a shark on it and second, Ty and Papa Shark share goldfish crackers and pretend they are sharks.
 The big pool turned Ty into a little fish.  He would swim all day everyday if we let him.  He ditched his life jacket after the first day and normally stayed where he could stand in the kiddie pools on the stairs.
 Our first meal was at Aloha Mixed Plate.  I really enjoyed it.  It has traditional Hawaiian food.  We shared some chicken and rice, and an aweseom black bean noodle dish.  Ty really enjoyed smoothies.  His favorite was Guava, or anything anyone else was drinking.
 This was the view from our table at Aloha mixed plate.  Not to shabby!
The next day we went to the "famous" swap meet.  It was a lot of fun and admission is only 50 cents.  I scored this fedora hat.  I have been wanting one forever!
 After the swap meet it was time for--what else-- the BEACH!
 Ty and Annabelle had so much fun playing on the beach with all their sand toys.
 We went to breakfast at the Hilton.  The buffet was really good.  This picture is perfect here because after breakfast Ty began referring to Tanner as "Aunt Tanner."  Unfortunately for Tanner I'm pretty sure the girls will never let him forget.

 Ty loved chasing the poor birds.  He is a little quicker than last year.  The birds flew for their lives.

 At the end of Day 2, Ty kept repeating, "I like this...I like this."  Pretty sure he was happy in paradise.