Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Joe's Grandfather's funeral was yesterday. It was a beautiful tribute to his life. We will greatly miss him and will never forget the things he taught us. I love the above picture it is at our Wedding. Pop was so supportive of us. But that same smile and twinkle in his eyes was present for everyone, whether you were taking his order at McDonalds or one of his grandchildren, if you were loving towards him he showed that same love to you. Below are the Tributes Joe and I gave to Pop at his funeral. We love you Pop. Thank You for all you have done for us.

I am Joseph Cheney
One of my greatest memories of POP started when I was too young to even remember. When I was born I hear stories of the first red Lincoln town car that Pop bought. Ever since then I know of no other car POP drove, it was always a Lincoln. I remember driving out to Vernal with Gram and POP around Memorial Day and being able to spend hours with POP as we drove around and him telling me about his life growing up, and how it used to be out in Vernal. During this past summer I was able to go to lunch with my POP on a weekly basis and when I would pull-up to my dad’s work there would be the red town car. We would all get in and go up to Apollo Burger for lunch, no need to ask where we wanted to go, we all just knew where that red Lincoln was headed.

There was also many times when my wife and I would walk or ride our bikes over to POPs and Grams house. We would ring the door bell and no one would answer. We would walk around the house and there was pop laying in his chase lounge taking a nap or just resting from the day’s adventures. This was something Pop loved to do on a daily bases in the summer. He was always ready to ask you about how your day is going and what was new in our lives. He always commented on the view from his back patio and how happy he was to see us. We could feel the great love he had for us and sincere desire to know what was going on. He always made everything you were going through seem important and special.

I am Jamie Cheney, Joseph’s Wife.

My memory of Pop is of his glistening eyes and contagious smile. From the moment I met Pop I felt loved by him. You always felt good when you were with Pop. One particular memory sticks out in my mind. At the time I was managing a clothing store in the mall. I was having a terrible day and the last thing I wanted to do was help another customer. I looked towards the store front and saw a blue boating hat strolling through the door. To my amazement it was Pop – his white shirt (complete with a full set of pens and a notepad), his black pants, and classic white Velcro shoes. His contagious smile and glistening eyes turned my day around!

Pop’s compassion and concern for others was electric, contagious and motivating. For numerous Wednesdays after Pop’s first visit I watched for the blue boating hat through the store front windows. He visited me often – giving praise, motivation and numerous compliments especially when I needed it most. These visits ment the world to me. Pop was truly selfless.

Those same glistening eyes and contagious smile were present shortly after Tymon was born. I remember sitting on Pop’s kitchen floor with Tymon and Gram. Tymon was up to his normal mischeif and Pop excitedly commented to Gram “You Know Charlene it is through him the Cheney name continues.” Pop loved his family so very much.

I feel honored and blessed to have known and been loved by Pop. I will never forget those glistening eyes and contagious smile especially on the hard days. Because if you knew Pop. You knew just through his contagious smile that he thought you could accomplish anything!
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Monday, January 3, 2011


Here are some highlights of 2010, in no particular order.

  • Joe landed his first job, including benefits, vacation and full time hours. I think I was more excited than he was.
  • I quit my job. Have been doing a number of part-time jobs on the side and loving it.
  • Ty attended his first Jazz Game and loved it. He also became obsessed with basketball!
  • Celebrate Halloween with Ty as a bear where he would growl at everyone.
  • A new baby niece arrived and Ty loves to play with her. I made her a diaper cake complete with size 1, 2 and 3 diapers
  • Countless races that became a monthly occurrence including The 24th of July, The Mud Run, Two Half Marathons etc.
  • Me kicking Joe's butt in the Triathlon (he will love I put this down).
  • Adding Blacky to our family.
  • Planting our first Garden and watching it grow!
  • Ty learning to feed himself even if it turns out to be very messy.
  • Ty learning to walk
  • Celebrating Mom's 50th Birthday with a surprise party and a Cake decorate with the words, "Happy 50th Big Mama!"
  • A 26 mile bike ride.
  • A Trip to California
  • Teaching 5 fun 12 year olds at Church and loving it!
  • Boating, and Lake Powell 
  • Countless Parties with Family
  • A Christmas to Remember