Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aunt Pam

There is a chandelier that hangs above our kitchen table. It has three full bulbs that emit a beautiful light. It’s different than most chandeliers its not extravagant, not boring but unique – but more than that it means so much to me now.

My Aunt passed away on Friday. It seems surreal as it was just yesterday I talked to her. She bought me that chandelier. We thought it was “so cool” and “so unique.” She was so excited to get it for me and couldn’t wait to help me pick it out. Every time I flick that switch and sit at my kitchen table I remember her. I look up at the Chandelier and the light it emits and remember all the wonderful light she emitted in her life.

My Aunt was the most gracious and caring person. She adored her family. I remember numerous times her telling me how gorgeous my brother and I were. To her, her family WERE the most good looking and precious people in the world. How often do we think something nice about someone in our heads but never say it? That was not her. She always made sure to tell us how proud she was of each one of us. She never pointed out our faults –ever but always told each of us how special we were to her.

My Aunt would do anything for anyone. She braided my hair over and over and over until her hands hurt and she couldn’t braid anymore. She cooked us our favorite meal every night if that’s what we wanted for dinner, and she taught my brother and I to play Poker, we loved spending time with her.

Thank you Aunt Pam. Thank you for your love and support. I miss you. We all miss you. Your light will forever live on. We will hold you in our hearts forever. I love you.