Thursday, April 29, 2010

Come On Jazz...

Can you please just win for us?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If this Just Isn't the Cutest Mister Ever....

I don't know who is...

The Mister is 6 months / Bike Tour

So Long story short I had not rode my bike previous to doing this 25 miler, I was still smiling at the end.
Joe Just loves any freebie!

I was kind of proud of my medal ;) I know I'm weird!

Here's Ty at Six Months

Notice the Cat in the background she is never more than 10 feet away from him!

He looks so much like Joe Here!

My Little Man that started at out 5 pounds is NOT so little anymore. I love this stage so much even though he'd rather get into everything (no he's not even mobile) than cuddle it is so much fun. He loves any attention and has started saying "ba, ba, ba" here and there. Not to mention he DOES love his ba ba ba and any food he will shove it down. This morning, I fed him two mum mums, a whole bowl of oatmeal and a bottle and he still wanted more!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Jillian Micheals

Dear Jillian,

You do wonders for my body, unlike many miles of running or endless hours on my bike can do.

Thank you for making me feel slightly "shredded."



P.S. - Please make more videos I'm sick of all your old ones

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Remembering Larry

I have wanted to write a post about Larry Miller since his passing and finally I have found the time to do it. Larry was more than the owner of the Jazz to me. He was someone I really admired. Not only was he an amazing entrepreuner but also an amazing individual. I just got done watching the ksl special on Larry and it brought tears to my eyes the amazing things he accomplished. Think of a man who was A BILLIONAIRE but spent MILLIONS on things that would HELP others. He brought the jazz to utah, the utah opera foundation, 10 million dollars for the joseph smith papers, millions to produce work and the glory and the list goes on and on!

I remember the night we took the above picture. I was anxiously awaiting my favorite player at the TIME, Derek Fisher to come out of the locker room. (Who since has joined the Lakers and fallen onto my nba player dislike list). However Larry walked by just before. My father-in-law asked Larry if Joe and I could get a picture with him. Of course being the kind man that Larry was he graciously stopped and took this picture with us. I don't think I'll really ever look at that Derek Fisher picture again, ironic, how that was the picture i was truly waiting for. But the picture above seems to have taken on a new meaning. I have learned so much from admiring Larry but most importantly I believe he taught this: "Go about doing good until there is too much good in the world." Thanks Larry. Thanks for Everything.