Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reflections of 2008

Wow! What a year. I think most of you will even be in more shock that I actually updated my blog. Please post a comment for me I'd love to hear from you and read your blogs!

What an exciting year. So many great things have happened and perhaps I did not reach all my new year's resolutions I did reach many of them. I think of how hard the economy is right now how many people have lost their jobs, homes and much more and as I reflect on this past year I am so thankful for what I have.

I am thankful for my job. I love it. I'm thankful for the promotion I was able to receive in May and that I have a job that I do something that I love everyday, for the people I work with and for the people I meet. It truly is something I'm very proud that I accomplished in 2008! By the way come visit me our spring clothing line rocks!

Secondly, Joe and I bought a house! We are so excited so much time and energy was put into this and while we only looked for about two months it took us two years of saving to be able to afford this huge expenditure. It will be a nice place to call home. I'm so excited to paint, decorate, furnish, carpet etc. Not to mention we will be having two new members of our family join our little house. (Not babies...just furry kittens -- Joe is estactic!)

Other Exciting Events of 2008:

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

We went to the first game of the new real stadium!!!!! It was freezing but so fun.

We completed a 26 mile bike tour and a triathlon.

Joe went to Lake Powell Twice and I made it once!

Joe completed his second to last semester of school.

We went to our first Nascar track and ate dinner in King Arthur's Court

We tasted 16 different flavors of soda from around the world.
We spent the fourth of July by Kim and I running in a 5k, swimming and watching fireworks.
We found our new favorite restaurant House of Kabob, Which then closed two months later.
We learned many new things about each other such as: I became an extremely picky eater and Joe out of no where decides he hates peanut butter and meatloaf. (random.)
We went on our second cruise to Ensenada with our friends.
We sat in the third row at the Jazz game and I sat next to the former President of the Jazz.

This year has brought many incredible things. I can’t wait for 2009!

2009 goal to be a more consistent blogger…no promises though.