Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I run...

It's merely a hobby or as Joe likes to call it, my expensive obsession these days. Running. I started for one simple reason, to loose that dang baby weight. It's been over a year since Ty was born and months since those pounds disappeared (yeah!), but I'm still at it. In high school as a soccer player running without a ball was simply called, torture. Today, it's called solace. I have always been intrigued with it. I would watch countless running events on T.V., read running magazines and search out the newest running gear (of which I would never purchase because it is far too expensive).

I had done a few 5k's here and there and then I signed up for my first 10k. Accomplished distance runners might laugh at how nervous I was to finish 6.2 miles. I was frightened. I trained so hard and even started crying as I crossed that finish line because for me that was a HUGE accomplishment. Now 6 or 7 miles is a training run and I laugh at those days that I used to fear it.

The picture above is from my first (and only up to this point) half marathon. It's not the most attractive or the most flattering but it is worth over a thousand steps to me. I completed it. Not only that- I completed it alone start to finish with my own two feet and for that I'm proud. (minus the 3 minutes shy of hitting my 2 hour goal, oh well pretty good for not knowing what to expect)!

Running is so many things for me. Running can get expensive. Races add up, shoes add up and gear add up. But to me its so worth it. Because its my new hobby (restricted to my husband's excel budget sheets - blah). Its my escape from the daily grind of the wonderful responsibility to be a mom. Its programing your mind to exercise your body and take risks in ways you never have before. Its a selfish way to get into those size 3 jeans that have been sitting in your closet since you started working at a clothing store. But more than that is my newest greatest hobby.

I really don't care what place I come in, what mile split I run, what place I am in my age group. Its not about that for me. Its about finishing what I started. Its about taking my mind and my body to places its never been before. Some of my favorite memories of running come without music. Its hearing my feet hit the pavement, for once not being tired, running along the parkway on a foggy beautiful morning, running with a friend and just talking, pondering and questioning.

Next week I hit the road to Vegas to complete my second half marathon and then its onto the treadmill for a month or so (not really a fan of freezing out my lungs or the treadmill but I can't decide what is worse). I guess I would rather just sit and watch as the snow falls outside my window and I'm cozy and warm on my treadmill. Then I'm not postive where my next adventure will be? A full marathon? I'm not really sure, and I'm not really in a hurry to find out, I kind of like taking life one running stride at a time.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ty's One Year Pictures

All photos by Andrea Danise
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010