Friday, February 26, 2010

Before You Were Born

Before you were born
we thought we were writing
our own days in a book.

But when you arrived
we tiptoed through faraway shadows
and your late afternoon nap

so that your waking cries
could keep us up all
the starry-dark night.
And we didn't even mind.

For we wanted those minutes and hours to be written firmly upon

our memory.


-excerpt taken from "Before You were Born."

Written by: Nancy White Carlstrom

Make sure to keep reading as I posted 3 new posts today!

What has Ty Been Up To

Tymon is 18 weeks. He had his 4 month checkup Yesterday. Tymon is now in the 94th percentile for height and the 22% to weight. He is now 26 inches long (he is so tall and skinny) and 13 lbs. Thought I would just make a collage since there are so many pictures I have taken of him that I just LOVE.
The top right picture is of him in his boppy. I never used it for nursing but he loves to sit in it, especially to sit in it and watch anything on disney channel. He will just talk and talk to those cartoons all day if I let him. The second picture is of him in his new pj's. Yeah! He graduated to 3-6 month clothes! The last picture on the top row is of him napping on my bed, smiling in his sleep! The next row shows Ty's personality. He is just one happy, funny, alert baby.
The bottom row is my favorite. I dress him up every chance I get. Not to mention he is starting to love his exersaucer, one he figured out how to hold his head up!

Updating the Past Month

It has been a long time since I have been able to blog or at least it feels like it.
Balance. That's what I've been trying to conqure these past few months. At first it was balancing a new baby into a house where before it was just a husband and a spoiled cat. Then four months ago a special little baby changed our life. For the past two months I have also been trying to balance working full time, being a mom and still keeping my sainty. While I will admitt its definately not easy, Tymon makes it all worth it.
The pictures above are of the first walk we took with the Mr. As silly as it sounds it is somewhat symbolic of the balance we have found as a little family.
It's Sunday
It's Sunny
Its Me
Its the Mr
Its Joe
It's slightly cold
It's his first time in his carrier sling, but no the last
It's a slow afternoon, where I could have time just stop
It's time to take self portraits
that are off centered, off balanced.
It IS Perfect.