Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays.

I bet you can't guess what the best present we got for christmas was?
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who me?

Dear Santa,

I've been a good boy this year. I promise.


Yours Truly Mister Tymon
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The Story of our Life

Needless to say Daisy is OBSESSED with Tymon. This is during storytime when she feels she has to be part of it. This is me trying to hold her back of she would be cuddling with him. I love this picture too because Ty is sitting up - not completely on his own but he's getting there.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cutest Elf Ever

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7 weeks

Tymon is getting bigger! He still wears newborn clothes but he loves to talk now!He coos and ahhs a lot especially at the christmas tree!
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6 weeks Snow Time

Tymon loved being out in the snow he could not stop staring at it. However he certainly did not like being in that big warm snow suit thing!
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 weeks

Tymon is getting to be so alert. He is definately not a sleepy newborn anymore. This is him staring at the Christmas tree - one of his favorite new activities.
Did I mention he is a really smiley baby?!
Thank you Nicole for these darling booties I love them and i love that they have buttons so they stay on his feet!
Thanks Cindy for this cute blanket with his name these pictures turned out reallly well!!

One of my favorite pictures of him. He looks so innocent.

I could not resist putting this picture on here. Ty still goes cross eyed when he is trying to concentrate on something really hard. He's getting a big chubbier too which is so cute!

Real Salt Lake

Just for the record - I was 7 months pregnant in all these pictures. I'm just getting around to posting them. Joe and I with our signed Real Salt Lake Ball!
Steph, Kim and I hanging out at the table after we engulfed the free hot dogs.

Yura - was not signing autographs due to a hurt shoulder but posed for a picture.

And the best for last. Two of the nicest guys on Real Salt Lake. Steph's favorite player (at least that what he said) Robbie Russell and Chris Wingert both who scored PK's in the championship game. This Picture is so great also due to the fact that we snuck past like 3 security guards to get the picture. The players were super nice, the security guards hated us.

Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole Real Salt Lake! I'm a little late with this post (that's what happens when you have a 5 week old baby - that post is on its way) but I just want to say CONGRATS to Real Salt Lake on taking the championship.
Did you know Robbie Russell who scored the winning goal had never scored a goal in his whole MLS career how awesome is that!

Did you know Real was the 8th seed the lowest seed in the playoff only getting into the playoffs by a bunch of crazy scenarios coming true.

Did you know that Landon Donovan HARDLY EVER misses penalty kicks and bam he shoots it over the cross bar.

Did you know that FINALLY Utah fans of a sport get to celebrate in a championship finally. So I'm celebrating!!


Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree...

Here she is! This is our first Christmas tree. It all started like this. My kind Aunt offered to give us this 9 FOOT Christmas tree (Thanks Aunt Dee) I wasn't so sure - a) I had never decorated a Christmas tree by myself and b) it's nine feet, I was not even sure it would fit in our house. However it worked out perfectly. Me being the bargain hunter, headed to Micheals after about 3 hours (lol not really) of trying to decide a theme I finally picked out red, gold and green. Then I had to search for good prices on ribbons and ornaments and with a $50 budget I ended up with this. Tymon loves it which makes it all worth it and not to mention it is pretty fun to stare at. Each year I think I will hit the after Christmas Sales and add some more ornaments to the bunch. Steph remember last year when I got those ornaments at Wal-mart for 70 cents they sure came in handy. Merry Christmas!!!
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