Tuesday, February 3, 2009

50 Random Things

I typed this up on facebook and thought I'd post on my blog for those of you that don't have facebook.

25 random goals, habits and things about me from Facebook. I went to 50 on my blog just for fun.

1. I am a sensitive person. I love to help other people and make sure those around me are okay.

2. I love the OLD UTAH JAZZ. I know your mouth just dropped. I loved the Stockton to Malone days when it wasn’t all about fame and money. I am still a fan.

3. I have never been beaten in a game of monopoly during one of the monopoly club meetings.

I have all of my children’s names picked out assuming I only have girls.

I kissed my husband in 9th grade behind my neighbor’s shed during a game of kick the can. Following that we didn’t talk for three years and ended up getting married a year or so later.

I can be feisty especially when someone rubs me the wrong way. Just ask the manager at Action Plumbing and Air. You better believe I got my money refunded.

7. I am an expert when it comes to jeans for your body type. Believe me I’ve seen over 300 people try on jeans.

8. My favorite food, at the moment is BLT sandwiches. My favorite beverage is Coke, I’ve tried to give it up many times but it just never works but hey I’m to two cans a week.

9. I want to have a little girl with blonde blonde blonde hair!

10. I love cats and dogs. But I’ll pass on frogs, snakes, lizards, hamsters, rats and gerbils.

11. I have enough clothes to fill every closet in my house two times over.

12. I love being Greek and I loved my maiden name.

13. I regret in high school I never tried out for the basketball team.

14. I love my sister in laws to pieces.

15. People always think I am at least five years younger than I really am. I have been asked if I am eighteen, nineteen or twenty more times than I can count. My little brother looks older than me. My favorite line is, “well can I talk to your manager.”

16. I like to spend money but I am killer at keeping within budget. I am a bargain shopper.

17. I love owning my own home.

18. My heroes are my grandparents.

19. I love to read and can read a book in no time. I just never make time for it. Latest read was Marley and Me. Amazing.

20. I am excited about our current president. Don’t worry Joe and I debated for months on end. We didn’t change each other’s point of view.

21. My employees and husband’s nickname for me is “Hippie.” Because I recycle everything, like earth tones and flowered patterns.

22. I love to go on cruises. Next up Alaska. Other than that I don’t like to travel.

23. I love to vacuum. I own about four of them. My latest a hot pink one.

24. I used to like country music now I can’t stand it and can’t stay off of 97.1

25. I have two bachelor’s degrees in the most diverse subjects ever and loved earning both of them.

26. I am fascinated by sociology fashion and nutrition.

27. I have 15 cans of spices in my cupboard I have never opened and have no idea what I would ever cook to use them.

28. I used to think I was more like my Mom but everday I realize I am becoming more like my dad.

29. I love my subaru and I loved my acura.

30. I don’t really idolize celebrity’s or have a favorite. Just basketball players.

31. I love to play soccer and like to think I used to be good at it.

32. My favorite holiday is the fourth of july. I have never liked Halloween.

33. I like to play poker. Just Not for Money. Mainly because I loose every time. I can’t keep a straight face.

34. I love to follow other people’s blogs but I am a horrible journal writer or blogger.

35. I hate to talk on the phone. I used to love it but despise it now. Meet me for lunch then I’ll chat your ear off.

36. I don’t really watch tv but when I do I love Jon and Kate plus eight or lol extra.

37. I am a night owl. I never go to bed before midnight.

38. I hate being cold. I love the summer.

39. I love to draw with charcol.

40. My uncle invented the pizza bender. Good aren’t they.

41. Depsite being a happy person. I don’t like the color yellow and I like nighttime better than day time and I like my blinds shut during the afternoon. Weird I know. But I love my skylights.

42. I am good at reading music. I can sight read any song quite easily. I am not good at playing by ear.

43. I don’t dig pie or cake. Or any breakfast food.

44. I believe in Karma.

45. I am not good at singing but wish I was. I am not good at dancing but I love it.

46. I like my handwriting

47. I am getting really tired trying to get to 50 and sorry if you are still reading.

48. I am not good at history or geography.

49. My goal is to be conversational in Spanish by next summer, notice I didn’t say fluent.

50. I love being married to my husband. He is an amazing guy!