Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! (A few days later...)

                                             At a restraunt in Lahiana Maui right on the ocean!
                                            I don't know who was enjoying the pool more?

                                                He never went anywhere without that shovel.

Happy Valentine's Day!  To my two favorite boys in the whole world!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hitting a wall

 "Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."
                                 - Lance Armstrong

Today I hit a wall.  A mental wall of sorts.  I doubted my ability to finish the marathon I signed up for this April.  Yes this April!  On my Birthday to be exact.  I had this fantastic idea.  Run 26 miles on my 26th Birthday. (Laughing). Oh and did I mention its in 60 days!

I WAS excited.  I was all pumped up to do it.  Then something happened I ran a half marathon in Maui, sounds "fun" right (close to the ocean, 80 degree weather, shorts and a tank top)?  Nope.  The ocean no where in sight hardest half I've ever seen (hill after hill after hill) and shorts that (if you are a runner you'll know what this means) rubbed me the wrong way. It was not very fun.  But I finished.  I did it I ran 13 miles of hills and I didn't pass out. 

Well, I haven't laced up my shoes since so its only been 3 days but it feels like its been weeks.  I somehow let this doubting thing get to me.  This weekend I'm suppose to do 17 miles (I don't even know if the Bachelor can keep me entertained for that long).  With all these new things I've taken on running has seemed to be pushed to the side or out the window.  But I'm totally not okay with it. (I know, I know its been three days.)

Its at times like this I remember why I set a goal like this in the first place.  Its totally selfish but I'm doing it for me.  To prove to myself I can do it.  I know I can, I just have to convince all parts of my body that I can.  There have been other things I regret I let pass me by (don't we all).

I'm determined that this won't be one of them.  I won't be the fastest or the slowest.  I may walk during the water stations.  But I'll finish those 26 miles even if its for nothing else besides the fact that I can say, "I did it."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Relax and Love Life

Despite my uptightness, constant worry and stubbornness Tymon is anything but those uncomplimentary qualities. Tymon engulfs life and when I say engulf I mean he takes everything in. Not as some kids that quietly stare and ponder upon new things he dives in head first.
Case and point, the beach. Ty was in the sand eating it, shoveling it throwing it and buried in it. Needless to say this boy was loving it! We found him a basketball hoop in Maui at a garage sale for $5 (only my husband would be garage selling in Maui). Tymon LOVED it but he could not put his shovel down to play so he engulfed both of best worlds, his sandy shovel, and his beach basketball and basket.
Tymon loved the ocean. Rather than sit and listen to the waves and the birds (which are lucky he is still not too fast at moving, or they would have been fewer in number due to a 15 month olds obsession with a shovel) Tymon jumped in, when the waves would hit his feet he would laugh hysterically!
Tymon loves the elevator. Today we spent a good 15 minutes on it. Just Tymon and Mommy talking about numbers and up and down, followed by "up Mama" "up Mama" and away we went up and down.

Tymon is just discovering the world and I'm learning to sit back, relax and let him discover. This little guy has made me more patient, less anxious and a bit more relaxed.  I think back to my life a few years ago and what it would have been like if I could have been a bit more patient and relaxed and most importantly echo Tymon's ability to jump into things, to engulf things and to simply enjoy life.

Tymon reminds me everyday that life is not simply to be lived it is to be ENJOYED.  It is to be ENGULFED, not only by a 15 MONTH old with a shovel (or Handy Manny tools) in hand, but by his barefoot running mama*, not too far behind...

*Yep, if you are still reading that's right, I've hoped on the barefoot running wagon and its amazing!