Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things I Am Grateful For...

Of Course I could go on and on but here are just a few:

My Parents: having two kids in your family means you get extremly spoiled especially in my family. I am so thankful for my parents who love me unconditionally, even when I can never be on time anywhere- due to my lack of direction skills, have my blonde moments, and often go grocery shopping in their fridge and cupboards (junk food heaven). They are such good individuals whom I admire very much.

My Dad is Mr. Fix it, doesn't everyone say that about their Dad, but indeed my Dad really is and believe me he has the tool to do it, I'm very proud to now have my own little tool box to play with! (Thanks Dad).

My Mom is Mrs. I know the details. She can tell you anything that every happened in your life, when it happened and who it happened with. She knows where I put things even though she doesn't live with me and she always knows how I am feeling and how to help me with everything. I don't know how some people go through life not talking to their Mom's. I barely can go a day without talking to mine!

My Brother. Well he's the only one I have, so he has to make the list, just kidding. I admire my brother for many things. The way that he is a gentleman, (when he wants to be) and how when he puts his mind to something he not only completes it but he does it well, football, baseball and yes even reports when he wants to. He really is a caring person, although he doesn't show that to his sister very much, I know he does care...I think.

(Picture Coming)

My Kitty. How odd you may say but this cat is not your ordinary cat. He is one smart furball who I've been able to share many crying, laughing and of yes studying moments with. He stayed up with me until 3:00 a.m. most nights, to help me cram for the test, who else was going to keep me company but him?

My Husband. Such a laid back wonderful guy. He is so very patient with me especially when I get cranky when things are not going my way, for instance when the Jazz are losing or my store is not making sales, or I don't like what we have to eat in the fridge. Such simple reasons he always is there for me. Most importantly he takes care of me, and is my best friend.

All of these people (creatures) make me very happy and I want them all to know I am very thankful for each of them.

The Utah Jazz

Anyone who knows me knows that there are a few things that I love to talk aoubt

1- Fashion, I work in it all day. The newest outfit, what the celebrities are wearing, how capri's have lasted so long and how I swore in junior high I would never wear them (what a loser!) (See a later blog on this topic!)

2- My Pets, well not really mine, my cat that my Mom has turned into a spoiled little furball and my brother's slash Mom's dog, who I claim to have trained to walk without a leash (But in reality one day Lucy just decided it was a lot more fun to run and walk without being restrained by my buff arms).

And last but not least MY Utah Jazz:

Yes MY Utah Jazz. I do not know very many fans who in the seventh grade and maybe on various occasions here and there support their fans by wearing their team logo on their underpants (okay I know too much information) everytime there is a game. Tonight my friend Tricia and I went to the Jazz game and I absolutely had a blast, I was not in the front row, not even in the front 38 rows, just in the nosebleed sections with the other loyal fans cheering on our team. The Jazz never get the credit they deserve, yes sometimes we do slump a bit in the fourth quarter and we even may let the bobcats cut our lead from 20 down to four or five, but we keep fighting. We keep our profiles low here in the West, and just wait playoff time we'll show you what we are truly made of!!! It's been fun to watch the team really develop this year, seeing the old pick and roll transform into the new age with Deron and Boozer, finally seeing Memo pick up his inside game, and who can't cheer when Korver is draining those threes.

I'm so excited for this playoff season more excited than I have ever been. Never can I remember the West being so competitive this is such a great time to be a basketball fan. You may say you are a True Blue Jazz Fan, but do you have the underwear and every newspaper article since 96' cut out, try again.