Monday, August 30, 2010

I just can't believe it

I cannot believe that in less than two months this little one will be 1! Where has the time gone!
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 4 Years!

Yesterday was our 4 Year Anniversary. Here ia quick look back at the past wonderful 4 years! Happy Anniversary Joe, I love you.

Year 1: Here is where it all began. This is one of my favorite pictures from the Wedding, because both Joe and I had no idea how to do a dip when the photographer asked us to. So we are both laughing. What a fun day 4 years ago!
Year 2: A fun cruise with our friends to Ensenada. One of our formal nights.
Year 3: Can't believe I even posted this picture wow I was HUGE! Oh Well. Here we are at my Aunt's Bridal Shower, Awaiting Tymon's arrival. I was offically 8 months preggo in this picture!

Year 4: A Trip to Lake Powell, and even better with Tymon at 8 months

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eat your Peaches...

Make Sure that you have the sound on! I give credit

To my Mother for Teaching Ty this. At one

point he grabs the camera cord and you

get a shot of the kitchen. I can't help but

laugh at how cute he is doing this.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I finished.

I have a lot of blog catching up to do. It may be out of order but I am determined to catch up on Everything. Here is Tymon catching some Zzz's the morning of my 10k. Mind you this was about 5:30 a.m. He is getting so big :( He is almost 9 months in this picture just two days away!

This is about mile 2 of the race. You can see how dark it still is outside. I was super nervous the night before as I have not ever ran this far and I really wanted to come in under an hour!

There was a ton of downhill in this race which was so nice and really helped me be ahead of my race goal by over 6 minutes! At mile 3 here I was into the race about 24 minutes, which gave me a 6 minute cushion to help me finish in less than an hour. At one point in the race I began to cry. I began pushing all those painful feelings I had from the past week out of my body. From quitting my job to all the weakness and sorrow I felt. It felt so amazing to stomp it out through the payment.

The photo below is after I finished. I finished in 54 minutes and 24 seconds almost 6 minutes faster than my goal. I felt pretty good the whole time until I hit mile 6 and I still had .2 miles to go that felt like an eternity. I couldn't find Joe and Tymon at the end of the race because there were so many people!!! I asked this lady if I could use her cell phone reluctantly she said, "Are you calling another country?" I laughed and said no my husband he's here somewhere I just can't find him. She then said, "Is it long distance?" Come on lady just let me use it for less than 2 seconds you can even dial for me! It was pretty funny. But eventually I found them!

I am so grateful for my husband who supported me doing this. Joe is not a runner at all but he watched Tymon graciously every time I wanted to do my long runs and he even did the Murray 5k with me (post coming...) to help me prepare for this. I love that in this picture Tymon is in his Pj's still (remember it was about 5 in the morning when we dragged him out of bed!

This is me after 6.2 miles and looking pretty sweaty. I don't' really sweat that much either.

We then decided to catch some of the parade, Tymon was sure enjoying it!
Watching the police on their motorcycles.
This is our AMAZING stake float. It won two awards, the people's choice and the animation award. I wish I would not have been so busy working 50 hours a week and been able to help with the float. It was a family of seagulls making cricket cookies! It was so awesome. There was even youth from our ward inside the seagulls making them move. It was by far the best float!
"When life gives you crickets?" "Make Cricket Cookies!!!"
Congrats Dave for an awesome Float!!
I really enjoyed the 10k running has done so many wonderful things for me mentally and physically. I feel more calm and less stressed when I run. I have dropped all the baby weight and some and can buy smaller clothes. I am the most in shape I have ever been. I am now looking forward to a half marathon. I would love any suggestions!