Thursday, September 11, 2008

Murray Triathlon

I will post more pictures when we get them, this is the only one I have!

We did it! Yeah! I am so excited to say I finally finished my first triathlon here are some highlights!

Thanks to my family and Joe's family for come and cheering us on we really love you and appreciate your support! Thanks Mama and Daddy K and C!

I finished the swimming without drowning that is such an accomplishment a special thanks to Shauntel and JP for giving me all of those lessons at Lake Powell you won't believe how much it helped me I just counted my strokes and I finally made it. Thanks Tanner for carrying me shoes and warmup pants and thanks to all my cute sister in laws Steph, Kim, Whit and Court for coming to support us! Thanks Steph for bringing your camera cause I forgot to check my battery before hand can you e-mail me the pictures?

Joe wasn't feeling well at all (or was it the face his wife beat him j/k) at any rate his finished the race.

We both placed in our divisions! Yeah!

While riding during the bike portion and their was a Murray officer that I knew from my good old days at cadets, he loves to make fun of me and when I passed him on vine street he said, "Jamie my Grandma rides faster than that." However, he wasn't right cause I never saw a Grandma pass me.

After Daddy Cheney took the family to Village Inn and it was a great time. Not to mention there was someone watching over us that race day because less than five minutes after we finished a downpour of hard hail hit and it hurt like crazy!!

I can't wait to do my next week hopefully I can advance from the beginner distance, I really need a training partner, Joe has said triathlons are not his thing any takers?

Happy Anniversary!

I cannot believe that it has been two years it is so crazy to me! Joe knows that I am not really big on getting presents on Christmas, but I love Valentines and our Anniversary so I was hoping he'd make this one extra special. I thought I was being extremly creative and expensive when I bought him the deadliest catch seasons 1-4 on DVD. I don't think he's liked it to much because he hasn't even opened it. However, I think the true reason is that he has been too busy playing with my anniversary present.

Make sure your sound is on for this video and remember it is like 12 a.m. and I'm screaming and Joe is telling me to shut up or our new neighbors will hate us, but I can't help it I was so excited!

We have been playing this all month and I was so excited to get Wi Fit I absoultely love it. Please comment if you guys read our blog we would love to hear from you!!!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Cruise

Check out

our cruise pictures @

Monday, June 30, 2008

Lucy Ann Cheney

This Dog proudly belongs to Joseph A. Cheney or that is at least what her ownership papers from the Humane Society say. Well it all started one day when my Mom finally let my brother get a dog, me being the kind sister I am told him I would pay for it and Lucy escaped the Human Society in the back of our car.

At first she was so frightened of everything (we believe before she was abused). Her main fears include garbage cans, boat trailers and hammock stands. But she does not mind loud noises. She is my third animal from the Humane Society!

If you are thinking of getting an animal I would truly recommend going to the Humane Society, I love my kitty to death that I purchased there 10 years ago and Lucy is the best running companion ever. She no longer shakes uncontrollably when you get near her and does not get into much trouble at all. She listens very well and loves women and children but is still not to fond of men yet.

There are so many sweet animals waiting to be adopted there! And I will be the proud owner of another one in about 246 days (I made my husband sign a contract). If you ever need me to go with you to pick on out I'd be happy to go with you!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bike Tour

So I know, I know, it's been awhile since I've posted anything, so I will try to be a bit better. On April 18th, Joe and I rode 26.2 miles on our bikes, with little to no training previously. At the end of the race I told Joe I couldn't believe I was not tired at all, he replied (as only a husband can), "Well, it was mostly downhill Jamie." Thanks. "Way to boost my confidence." At any rate the race was extremely fun here are a few highlights.

The Guy with a basket in front of his bike that has a dog inside of it that wears sunglasses, how awesome!

Mile 13 when I yelled the name of a Murray Officer working the course who had no idea who was yelling at him.

Mile 20 when I got really hungry and gobbled down a twix from my pocket.

Mile 23 when a man began to tell his wife to pedal faster and she literally flipped out at him and Joe got a real good chuckle out of the conversation that went something to this effect, (with editing of course)

Husband: "Honey, keep a smooth pedal stroke it will make you go faster."

Wife: "Shut up *** **** ****, get away from me, I'm going as fast as I can."

(It was entertaining)

Mile 26.2 when we finished the race, and said yes to 7-11 Hotdogs, bananas, and creamies (yummy!!).

This is such a fun tradition I am so glad we do, I'm trying to convince everyone and anyone to come do this even if you aren't a great bicyclist (because I'm proof you can do it) and as Joe says It's mostly downhill ;)!! Let me know anyone who wants to join us next April!!!

I was so angry I forgot my disposable camera so this is the only picture I have!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things I Am Grateful For...

Of Course I could go on and on but here are just a few:

My Parents: having two kids in your family means you get extremly spoiled especially in my family. I am so thankful for my parents who love me unconditionally, even when I can never be on time anywhere- due to my lack of direction skills, have my blonde moments, and often go grocery shopping in their fridge and cupboards (junk food heaven). They are such good individuals whom I admire very much.

My Dad is Mr. Fix it, doesn't everyone say that about their Dad, but indeed my Dad really is and believe me he has the tool to do it, I'm very proud to now have my own little tool box to play with! (Thanks Dad).

My Mom is Mrs. I know the details. She can tell you anything that every happened in your life, when it happened and who it happened with. She knows where I put things even though she doesn't live with me and she always knows how I am feeling and how to help me with everything. I don't know how some people go through life not talking to their Mom's. I barely can go a day without talking to mine!

My Brother. Well he's the only one I have, so he has to make the list, just kidding. I admire my brother for many things. The way that he is a gentleman, (when he wants to be) and how when he puts his mind to something he not only completes it but he does it well, football, baseball and yes even reports when he wants to. He really is a caring person, although he doesn't show that to his sister very much, I know he does care...I think.

(Picture Coming)

My Kitty. How odd you may say but this cat is not your ordinary cat. He is one smart furball who I've been able to share many crying, laughing and of yes studying moments with. He stayed up with me until 3:00 a.m. most nights, to help me cram for the test, who else was going to keep me company but him?

My Husband. Such a laid back wonderful guy. He is so very patient with me especially when I get cranky when things are not going my way, for instance when the Jazz are losing or my store is not making sales, or I don't like what we have to eat in the fridge. Such simple reasons he always is there for me. Most importantly he takes care of me, and is my best friend.

All of these people (creatures) make me very happy and I want them all to know I am very thankful for each of them.

The Utah Jazz

Anyone who knows me knows that there are a few things that I love to talk aoubt

1- Fashion, I work in it all day. The newest outfit, what the celebrities are wearing, how capri's have lasted so long and how I swore in junior high I would never wear them (what a loser!) (See a later blog on this topic!)

2- My Pets, well not really mine, my cat that my Mom has turned into a spoiled little furball and my brother's slash Mom's dog, who I claim to have trained to walk without a leash (But in reality one day Lucy just decided it was a lot more fun to run and walk without being restrained by my buff arms).

And last but not least MY Utah Jazz:

Yes MY Utah Jazz. I do not know very many fans who in the seventh grade and maybe on various occasions here and there support their fans by wearing their team logo on their underpants (okay I know too much information) everytime there is a game. Tonight my friend Tricia and I went to the Jazz game and I absolutely had a blast, I was not in the front row, not even in the front 38 rows, just in the nosebleed sections with the other loyal fans cheering on our team. The Jazz never get the credit they deserve, yes sometimes we do slump a bit in the fourth quarter and we even may let the bobcats cut our lead from 20 down to four or five, but we keep fighting. We keep our profiles low here in the West, and just wait playoff time we'll show you what we are truly made of!!! It's been fun to watch the team really develop this year, seeing the old pick and roll transform into the new age with Deron and Boozer, finally seeing Memo pick up his inside game, and who can't cheer when Korver is draining those threes.

I'm so excited for this playoff season more excited than I have ever been. Never can I remember the West being so competitive this is such a great time to be a basketball fan. You may say you are a True Blue Jazz Fan, but do you have the underwear and every newspaper article since 96' cut out, try again.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our New Addition

I have been driving Joe nuts for about a month, that's an understatement. Every night I ask him, wouldn't you use a stationary bike or a treadmill. He always just gives me this funny look. So I decided President's day would be the best time to convince him "we" really need one. I usually am a very informed shopper, however once there was a $25.o0 off coupon in the newspaper I dove in. I didn't know anything about which treadmill to buy!

We went to Costco, after walking out with $70.00 of food (Costco: the place where it is almost extremly impossible to walk in and out of without spending money) we discovered they only had a clunky $400 dollar nordictrack bike to offer. While it was extremly nice, I had no idea where we could even fit that thing into our cinder block aparmtment, maybe down the hall? I was a bit discourged. Then we traveled back to Sports Authority. No offense, but the associates there could not tell you the difference between treadmills if their lives depended on it. So after about an hour of running and jumping, and convincing Joe this would really benefit "us." We walked out with a brand new Pro Form, Space Saver Treadmill.

The Good News: I have an extremly handy husband who with the help of his super smart read the directions wife, installed it! Runs great, and if you ever want to hear three different, fun treadmill workouts let me know!

The Bad News: Running in a cinder block apartment, make sure that all your pictures are securely attached to the wall. And for heaven sakes don't do it after 10 p.m. you might get the cops called on you. (The Joys of the Student Village Apartments).

The Discovery: Stationary Bikes are super expensive even more expensive than our treadmill! At least on President's day weekend and soon it will be warm enough to ride our roadbikes outside I am counting down the days!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My First Entry

I started reading numerous other blogs of my friends and family and decided Joe and I needed a Blog! Of course Joe refuses to use anything such as facebook or myspace so blogging is not up his alley either. So all your left with are blogs from me!

This week we have been living at the Cheney household. What an adventure and what fun! I really am so thankful that I married into such a big family because growing up I never had a sister, an older brother, someone close to my age and simply by marriage I was able to receive all of the above!

Below is a picture of our latest adventure, our cruise to the Mexican Riveria. Daddy and Mama Cheney put together such a wonderful trip! Thanks so much!