Monday, June 30, 2008

Lucy Ann Cheney

This Dog proudly belongs to Joseph A. Cheney or that is at least what her ownership papers from the Humane Society say. Well it all started one day when my Mom finally let my brother get a dog, me being the kind sister I am told him I would pay for it and Lucy escaped the Human Society in the back of our car.

At first she was so frightened of everything (we believe before she was abused). Her main fears include garbage cans, boat trailers and hammock stands. But she does not mind loud noises. She is my third animal from the Humane Society!

If you are thinking of getting an animal I would truly recommend going to the Humane Society, I love my kitty to death that I purchased there 10 years ago and Lucy is the best running companion ever. She no longer shakes uncontrollably when you get near her and does not get into much trouble at all. She listens very well and loves women and children but is still not to fond of men yet.

There are so many sweet animals waiting to be adopted there! And I will be the proud owner of another one in about 246 days (I made my husband sign a contract). If you ever need me to go with you to pick on out I'd be happy to go with you!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bike Tour

So I know, I know, it's been awhile since I've posted anything, so I will try to be a bit better. On April 18th, Joe and I rode 26.2 miles on our bikes, with little to no training previously. At the end of the race I told Joe I couldn't believe I was not tired at all, he replied (as only a husband can), "Well, it was mostly downhill Jamie." Thanks. "Way to boost my confidence." At any rate the race was extremely fun here are a few highlights.

The Guy with a basket in front of his bike that has a dog inside of it that wears sunglasses, how awesome!

Mile 13 when I yelled the name of a Murray Officer working the course who had no idea who was yelling at him.

Mile 20 when I got really hungry and gobbled down a twix from my pocket.

Mile 23 when a man began to tell his wife to pedal faster and she literally flipped out at him and Joe got a real good chuckle out of the conversation that went something to this effect, (with editing of course)

Husband: "Honey, keep a smooth pedal stroke it will make you go faster."

Wife: "Shut up *** **** ****, get away from me, I'm going as fast as I can."

(It was entertaining)

Mile 26.2 when we finished the race, and said yes to 7-11 Hotdogs, bananas, and creamies (yummy!!).

This is such a fun tradition I am so glad we do, I'm trying to convince everyone and anyone to come do this even if you aren't a great bicyclist (because I'm proof you can do it) and as Joe says It's mostly downhill ;)!! Let me know anyone who wants to join us next April!!!

I was so angry I forgot my disposable camera so this is the only picture I have!!