Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Remember...

I Remember when you were born you were but a tiny baby in my belly. We could not wait for you to be born. You were 5 days late a meager 5 pounds and worth the wait. I Remember when they put you on the scale and you were so little we had to buy premie clothes for you and had to wrap you in blankets and blankets to keep your little body nice and warm.

I Remember the first time I held you it felt like we had known each other all along and that our lives were waiting for you. I Remember how you recongized our voices and were a very mellow content baby.

I Remember holding you and thanking God for this unforgettable gift. I remember watching your Daddy hold you, his calm, patient demeanor telling you everything would always be ok and how glad he was that you had arrived.
I Remember dressing you up like a little doll and taking millions of pictures (which at the time you would hold still for).

Remember the things you experienced for the first time whether you were aware of it or not. Your first car show where we convinced Daddy we could have no other car than a Subaru.

Or your first Christmas where the box was just so much better than the $8 dollar toy.

Remember telling  Daddy that we didn't need much else  for Christmas because we had you. He agreed and it was our best Christmas ever - because of you.

I Remember your first time swimming not to sure of the giant bath tub. But happy to be hanging out with Daddy.

 I Remember your first time going to Lake Powell. How nervous I was to take a new baby in a car that long and how much fun we had. You loved the Lake and the boat.
I Remember how happy I was when your belly button FINALLY fell off and I could give you a real bath. This has been a tradition everyday and you love the tub!

I Remember the little moments, when you held up your head, ate cereal for the first time , said your first word (Da Da, of course)!
I Remember how happy you were when we adopted Blacky and how on the way home you began to scream, "Mama, Mama!" You were so excited and we were too...
I Remember how you would light up my mornings just to see those HUGE brown eyes and magic smile. How I would cry everyday I had to go to work because that meant less time with you.
I Remember your first plane ride and how good you were sitting on my lap, looking out the window and flirting with the little girl behind you.
I Remember your first merry-go-round ride and how I thought you were much to small to sit on a horse. But Daddy took you and you loved it.
You loved the beach but were not too sure about the ocean.

You loved the boat but were not to sure about your life jacket.

I Remember when I did something I never thought I'd do and I quit my job. I quit my job of 3 years for many reasons but the main reason was you. After I quit we shared moments I could never replace or recreate and for that I'm thankful. I have not looked back since.
I Remember a Sunday afternoon when you were two months old we walked around the park and a Sunday afternoon almost ten months later when you almost walked up to the park and sat in the swing.
I Remember the time that you discovered you and Blacky could be the two troublemakers TOGETHER and began developing schemes such as shutting mommy out of rooms and sharing all your food.

Ty, there are so many things I Remember about you. As I write this I am very teary eyed that my little baby is 1! But I want you to always Remember how much I loved each and every month we have put behind us. I will always remember those minutes, months and memories.  We love you Mister Tymon, Happy 1st Birthday Tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sometimes I just wonder... How'd I get so lucky?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"Duck...Duck...Duck...Duck...Duck." This is Ty's most favorite word. This picture is from a Sunday walk up around Brighton. Ty could not have been more excited because he found many ducks. Often on the parkway we go and feed the Ducks. Ty is not a fan of bread but whenever I hand him some to feed the ducks - it always ends up in his mouth.

Funny story. Joe and I both had the flu. Not a fun day. Joe was asleep and I had to run into the bathroom. Earlier that morning I had been feeding Ty yogurt (one of his other favorite things) I put it on our tall, tall dresser while I went into the bathroom. With the help of his four legged dog friend the yogurt now was down from the dresser and all over the floor. Ty was feeding Blacky the yogurt with the spoon and they both were loving every minute of it. I should have taken a picture but I was preoccupied cleaning it all up off of the carpet and the bed!
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