Thursday, March 20, 2014

Grandpa's Funeral Address

I could honestly speak for hours about my Grandpa.  There truly are no words to articulate what a kind, wonderful, amazing person he was.  Anyone that knew him loved him.  I would like to take a few moments  to share some of my favorite memories of my Grandpa.

My Grandpa Loved – He showed us everyday what it meant to be a true father, grandfather and devoted husband.
A day never went by that he didn’t tell my Grandma he loved her.
A day never went by he didn’t tell me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me.  He loved everyone and always saw the best in everyone.

My Grandpa was the BEST friend – When Grandpa was in the hospital Andy told me, “Jamie he’s my best friend.  Hold his hand and tell him I love him.”  He was my best friend too.  He was a devoted true friend.  I know he was each of our Best Friend and would take special time for each person in the family.

My Grandpa made you feel Important – Upon hearing of my Grandpa’s passing my friend said “I will always appreciate the time I got to spend with him.  He always made me smile and feel important.”  He made everyone feel important.  Whether you were 99 or 2 years old he made you feel special.  His smile and presence lit up an entire room.

My Grandpa was a jokester – I would follow my cousin around and copy everything she did. Grandpa always would say to me and my cousin “Monkey see Monkey do.” 
He taught her how to make the monkey faces at the cars next to her and she often startled anyone they were driving next to.  My Grandpa always made up the best pranks.

My Grandpa was organized – This is not an understatement.  There are many things I have learned from him, but unfortunately I have not learned how to be as neat and organized as he was.  My Grandpa always made my bed for me. My attitude was why make my bed when in 10 minutes Grandpa will come pick me up and make it for me.  I was a very good delegator.  Well one day he got the best of me.  One day he was making my bed and “accidentally” dropped some M&M’s into it.  When I went to get in it that night I was a bit startled to see some melted brown gunk on my bed.  When I told Grandpa he laughed and laughed.  After that event, I became a much more diligent bed maker.

My Grandpa could navigate a store and the newspaper coupons better than anyone- My Grandpa loved to hunt for the best deal and stock up on those items.  If anyone is in need of bandaids, toothpaste or alka seltzer I’m pretty sure I could work you up a good bargain. 

My Grandpa was the best playmate – I remember many summer days that Grandpa and I would spend on the fourth level, playing store, doctor or school. My Grandpa even let me use entire rolls of toilet paper to wrap his pretend broken foot.  (That’s true love if you know how much my grandpa values toilet paper – especially when it is bought at a good deal).  Grandpa was NEVER too busy to play with you.

My Grandpa failed the fourth grade – To clarify Grandpa failed my make believe fourth grade several times. Every Wednesday I “taught fourth grade on the fourth level.”  My friend Abby and I would beg Grandpa to come be our student.  With not one bit of hesitation he would come down.  We would say the pledge of allegiance and I would look over and Grandpa would be asleep. Grandpa was an expert at saying the pledge but he never stayed awake past the “in liberty and justice for all.”

My Grandpa loved his country – Grandpa makes me proud to be an American.  He would fly several American flags in front of his home.  This is why the fourth of July is my favorite holiday.  My Grandpa proudly served our country twice.

My Grandpa was brilliant – Grandpa loved to learn.  He could fix anything and was a perfectionist.  He did things so precisely and accurately.

My Grandpa was my biggest cheerleader – Grandpa never missed any of his Grandchildren’s events or accomplishments.  From soccer games, to recitals, performances to graduations he was always there cheering you on and letting you know how proud he was of you.  Now he will be cheering us on from above.  He won’t miss our important events, he never did.

My Grandpa cared about us – He often told us how important we were to him.  He picked me up from school every single day and took me to every single orthodontist appointment.  My Grandpa even bribed me with $50 if I learned how to stand up straight.  I hope I’m not slouching Grandpa.

My Grandpa had a positive outlook on life – I am a very competitive person when something did not go my way at school I would often be upset and moody.  Grandpa would always reply “All is Swell.”  You couldn’t be in a bad mood around Grandpa.

My Grandpa never complained – I feel the song I will/am going to play is perfect for my Grandpa the lyrics state
there's one thing I know 
The blues he sends to meet me won't defeat me 
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me 

Raindrops keep falling on my head 
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red 
Crying's not for me 
Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin' 
Because I'm free 
Nothing's worrying me
He never complained or let us feel defeated.

My Grandpa made others smile –Every month I would cut my Grandpa’s toenails.  Every month my little boy Tymon would come with me.  He would often assist with anything he could. I think Grandpa may have worried that he was going to loose a toe if Tymon got ahold of the fingernail clippers. Last month Tymon asked Grandpa what color he wanted on his toenails. Grandpa remarked, “Red!”  I wonder what the doctor will say when he checks my feet!  Tymon preceded to paint each one of Grandpa’s toes and toe nails red.  Bright Red.
 When Grandpa went to the hospital several nurses did a double take.  My cousin asked if I had painted Grandpa’s toe nails (because on several occasions Grandpa had not objected to me trying out the newest color) I said no it was Tymon.  To which my cousin replied, “They look ridiculous.” Grandpa didn’t care.  Grandpa loved to make others smile and have fun and How fitting that Grandpa entered Heaven with Bright Red Toe Nails.

My Grandpa is my hero.
Simply stated.  My Grandpa is my hero.
A piece of him will live within each of us.  He will always be with me.

Grandpa I hope there are lots of bagels, chili, bread, cheese, and twinkies in Heaven.  And I sure hope that there is someone who can touch up your Red Toe nail polish.
Thank you for being my best friend, my greatest playmate, my encourager.  I know you will always be with me, watching over me, protecting me, smiling down on me, and cheering for me from above. I love you.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandpa - I love you

On Saturday my Grandpa unexpectedly passed away. My best friend in the entire world, my favorite playmate, my inspiration, and my hero left this world. I love you Grandpa. This is not goodbye, rather I will see you soon. You will always and forever be with me. You are not as far away as it seems, you are in my heart--ALWAYS.

I'm truly at a loss of how I'm going to tell Tymon.  My Grandpa was literally his best bud in the entire world.

If you want your heart melted, just look at these pictures.
 Before Grandpa unexpectedly passed, Grandpa let Tymon paint his toenails bright red.  Grandpa went to heaven with bright red toenails.

I'll always look up to you Grandpa. I'll always love you. And you'll always be with us.