Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 13 continued

So I know I always am blogging about Tymon these days. I bet your wondering what's been going on with us. Probably not. But here are just a few things that have totally changed 2010 already. The first one pictured above is Jillian Michaels Thirty Day Shred.

I am obsessed with Biggest Loser and a TOTAL SUCKER for any product that endorses it. From extra gum to the workout videos I love it all. This video has changed my life and this is why.

1. It's 20 minutes who has time for more than that with a tiny baby and a full time job?
2. You can set it on different levels for when you become more advanced.
3. It combines strength, cardio and abs, what more do you need?

I have been doing this video for about two weeks and can already tell a difference, I'll let you know how the thirty day shred works after thirty consistent days!

2. This little man pictured below has renewed my love for reading! While these days I am mostly reading magazines and baby books let me know any good books you have on your list for 2010 especially any good parenting ones.

(Can you tell he LOVES to read already)
3. Coupons. I HEART coupons. I have made a challenge for myself to cut my grocery bill in half for the year. I clip on the coupons out of the paper of foods we consistently eat, plan our meals and save save save. This past week I saved over $10.00 on our normal grocery bill. There are also some great websites online where you can get free samples and print coupons!

This is Tymon sticking out his tongue as I cut all the coupons out. Notice how the diaper ones are rigth on top!

4. Awesome Blogs

Two of my favorite blogs are


Check them out - You won't regret it! What are your new favs of 2010?

Week 13

We went to the car show last week with our friends Kade, Elisa and Kole! (Thanks guys we had a great time) and thanks to my nice Daddy for getting us the tickets! We go to the car show every year but this time we were actually in the market. Tymon LOVED the car show and he especially loved any RED car he could spot. He refused to be in his stroller because he couldn't see the cars as well!

Here are the choices we have narrowed our car hunt down to. We are open for input if anyone has owned any of the following cars. I won't tell you mine or Joe's first picks (as we can't agree) so let us hear your input!!

We want a mid range suv as trying to cram Ty's carseat into the back of my car has been a bit of a chore. Here are our choices in no particular order.

1. Chevy Eclipse
2. Mazda SX7
3. Subaru Forrestor Sport
4. Honda CRV

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 12

My little baby is getting so big! Tymon is SUCH an easy baby. Give him a bath and sit him up where he can see what is going on and he's ONE happy boy. Every week I keep saying that I don't want him to get any older but each stage is so much fun. He follows me with his eyes as i do my workout and loves, loves books. For those of you wondering, his eyes are so big he can't even close them all the way when he sleeps, just like his Mommy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Annabelle, Princess and Mister Tymon Week 11

The Three Mommies with the Three Cousins. Shauntel, Annabelle, Jamie, Tymon, Stephani and Princess. How these babies will be such great friends. Isn't Stephani the cutest preggo ever?

Their First Night Meeting each other, they insisted on matching onsies.

Week 11 Tymon Met Annabelle. These two babies are so cute together. All you need to do is see them look at each other for the first time to know they both came straight from Heaven. It was so cute the first time Annabelle saw Ty she stared at him intently, placing her arms on his car seat and pondering how she had knew his face once before. The video below is of Annabelle holding Ty's hand. This was one of her favorite things to do and you can tell Ty enjoys it as he just kicks, kicks, kicks. (Not to mention all the girls in the room loved it as we ohhhhhhed and ahhhhhhed).

Sometimes as they layed on the floor together I wished I could understand their secret language, their concern for each other, and their understanding. Although Annabelle is 4 months older than Ty, they seemed to understand each coo, facial expression and sound each other made. When I would bring Ty home from seeing Belle he would constantly search for her. He misses his friend.

Today Belle went back home. Princess Dillier is still at her home in Heaven. Ty stayed here. In 4 more months they will meet again. Belle will be crawling/walking, Ty will be rolling over and sitting, and Princess will meet her cousins for the first time.

Those 4 months to these cousins will only seem like a few days, a few moments. I have no doubt they will all look at each other with the same love, concern and understanding I saw with Ty and Annabelle. The three of them will lay on the floor, cooing, laughing and giggling, reliving a moment I know they have already lived before.

Monday, January 4, 2010

10 weeks

I am a week behind but I'm trying to catch up! Here is his latest favorite thing - his lamb.
I think I can hear him giggling right through this picture.
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