Thursday, September 11, 2008

Murray Triathlon

I will post more pictures when we get them, this is the only one I have!

We did it! Yeah! I am so excited to say I finally finished my first triathlon here are some highlights!

Thanks to my family and Joe's family for come and cheering us on we really love you and appreciate your support! Thanks Mama and Daddy K and C!

I finished the swimming without drowning that is such an accomplishment a special thanks to Shauntel and JP for giving me all of those lessons at Lake Powell you won't believe how much it helped me I just counted my strokes and I finally made it. Thanks Tanner for carrying me shoes and warmup pants and thanks to all my cute sister in laws Steph, Kim, Whit and Court for coming to support us! Thanks Steph for bringing your camera cause I forgot to check my battery before hand can you e-mail me the pictures?

Joe wasn't feeling well at all (or was it the face his wife beat him j/k) at any rate his finished the race.

We both placed in our divisions! Yeah!

While riding during the bike portion and their was a Murray officer that I knew from my good old days at cadets, he loves to make fun of me and when I passed him on vine street he said, "Jamie my Grandma rides faster than that." However, he wasn't right cause I never saw a Grandma pass me.

After Daddy Cheney took the family to Village Inn and it was a great time. Not to mention there was someone watching over us that race day because less than five minutes after we finished a downpour of hard hail hit and it hurt like crazy!!

I can't wait to do my next week hopefully I can advance from the beginner distance, I really need a training partner, Joe has said triathlons are not his thing any takers?

Happy Anniversary!

I cannot believe that it has been two years it is so crazy to me! Joe knows that I am not really big on getting presents on Christmas, but I love Valentines and our Anniversary so I was hoping he'd make this one extra special. I thought I was being extremly creative and expensive when I bought him the deadliest catch seasons 1-4 on DVD. I don't think he's liked it to much because he hasn't even opened it. However, I think the true reason is that he has been too busy playing with my anniversary present.

Make sure your sound is on for this video and remember it is like 12 a.m. and I'm screaming and Joe is telling me to shut up or our new neighbors will hate us, but I can't help it I was so excited!

We have been playing this all month and I was so excited to get Wi Fit I absoultely love it. Please comment if you guys read our blog we would love to hear from you!!!!!!!