Monday, December 20, 2010

A Typical Day

Ty is getting so big! He is already almost 14 months and acts much like a 2 year old. He LOVES his animals. The picture above is of his morning routine. Watching Handy Manny and making sure to share his breakfast with both animals.
Ty loves M&M's infact to make sure he was good when taking his picture with Santa (that's a whole different post) I bribed him with them. His favorite things include, Basketball (Slam dunk or Bask-shit), Blacky (followed by his other favorite dog Lucy (looshee) and to body slam Daisy or Simon. His two favorite kitties. He is walking really well and has not even played with the Christmas tree.
And we can't forget about Blacky. Who most the time is requested by Ty to be his Horsee (Horse) so he can ride him around the house. Wow, it is a good thing we have a mellow dog. Don't feel too bad for him. In the above picture he is right below Ty's High Chair and believe me he is fed well.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Las Vegas I

 Joe, Tymon and I went to Veags last week with Joe's sister and her husband and their little girl. It was such a blast! We had so much fun and were so appreciative they let us stay in their condo :). Picture above is of Abi and Ty playing they have so much fun together.

 I am pretty sure these are two of the cutest babies I have every seen.
 He is smiling so big because the Jazz game is in no joke!
 The barracade so they would not go into the kitchen.
 Ty's favorite hiding place he loved crawling in the bathroom cupboard and he fit so well.
 Right before the race started.  I am pretty excited it started right in front of Mandalay Bay.
 I told Joe to take a picture of ALL the people there were so many over 40,000 it was insane!
 My supportive husband who paid for me to run the race and got up early to come take pictures :)
 Above the Las Vegas sign is a stage that the blues brothers were singing at it was pretty fun!
 This is the stage that Brett Micheals performed on.  At the after race party.

 Coming into the finish.  Look at the guy on the very left side of the picture he has a cigar and beer in each hand.  Only in vegas.  They served beer along the way too. Must help you run someway I suppose?
 I love the medal we got it was really cool!

 Man little fan club I love them!  Thanks for coming! :)