Monday, March 10, 2014

Grandpa - I love you

On Saturday my Grandpa unexpectedly passed away. My best friend in the entire world, my favorite playmate, my inspiration, and my hero left this world. I love you Grandpa. This is not goodbye, rather I will see you soon. You will always and forever be with me. You are not as far away as it seems, you are in my heart--ALWAYS.

I'm truly at a loss of how I'm going to tell Tymon.  My Grandpa was literally his best bud in the entire world.

If you want your heart melted, just look at these pictures.
 Before Grandpa unexpectedly passed, Grandpa let Tymon paint his toenails bright red.  Grandpa went to heaven with bright red toenails.

I'll always look up to you Grandpa. I'll always love you. And you'll always be with us.

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